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Gaerne Avia Black

Gaerne Avia Black
Бренд: Gaerne
Код на производот: Gaerne
Достапност: 5

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Gaerne - чевли за друмски велосипедизам производени во Италија!
Италијанска традиција во велосипедизмот уште од 1962-рата година!

Од производителот:

• Upper - Air Ventilation System.
• Closure System - Triple velcro set-up perfectly wraps the foot and ensures quick adjustment even while riding.
• Heel Cup - Special structure stabilizes heel. An anti-slip and anti-tendonitis technology ensures rider health and performance.
• Insole - Removable anatomic insole is heat-formed and perforated for optimal comfort and foot ventilation.
• Sole - Gaerne Evolution Sole.
• Color - White

• Gaerne Evolution Sole - The racing sole par excellence. Nylon construction offers top level performance. Anti-slip inserts at the rear of the shoe provide security while walking. This sole is compatible with all major clipless pedal systems.

• Air Ventilation System - One-piece front minimizes stitching to provide the most comfortable fit. Innovative laser perforations guaranty optimal ventilation and climate for the foot. Internal in-step mesh provides optimal stability and support.

• Heel Cup - All-new injection-molded plastic anatomic heel-cup will not deform or weaken. Anti-tendonitis form with internal non-slip treatment for the best foot stability and control. Reflective inserts provide maximum visibility in low-light conditions.
• Insole - A special anatomic design which actively stimulates the cyclist’s foot with each pedal stroke to improve athletic performance. Hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Thanks to a series of micro-perforations, optimal foot ventilation is provided. Insole is removable.
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