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Julbo Swell Sp. 3

Julbo Swell Sp. 3
Бренд: Julbo
Код на производот: Julbo
Достапност: 2
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Here's a genuine and outstanding new product for all lovers of sailing sports. A streamlined, technical and super tough model designed for sailors who love wild weather. Its curved frame provides excellent coverage for confronting the elements. The Grip Nose and temples with Grip Tech and adjustable cord mean the glasses stay on your face like a limpet on a rock. With their ultra light, robust polypropylene construction, they're your new weapon for taking to the seas, or even the high seas.

All types of activities at sea or in the mountains.
Inserts at stem ends for comfort and hold, does not stick to hair
Curved frame with wide temples to protect against harsh sunlight.
Floating! Made from ultra-light material ensuring the frame will float.
Supple, shock-absorbent insert that adheres to the nose.
Curved temples - For good hold on the face and head.

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