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Sigma Sport R1 Blue Comfortex+

Sigma Sport R1 Blue Comfortex+
Бренд: Sigma
Код на производот: Sigma Sport
Достапност: 2
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Трака за пулс - која преку Bluetooth® SMART технологија се поврзува со Вашиот смартфон.

Од производителот:

The new R1 BLUE transmitter from SIGMA SPORT transmits the heart rate via energy-saving Bluetooth® SMART technology. This enables the R1 BLUE to communicate with multiple smartphones, computers and sports devices. All sport apps that support Bluetooth® SMART READY technology and use heart rate data can display the R1 BLUE’s values.


- iOS devices: iPhone (4s and above), iPod touch (5th gen. and above), iPad (3rd gen. and above), iPad Mini, iPod Nano (7th gen. and above) 
- Android devices: all devices with Bluetooth® SMART READY technology AND Android OS from version 4.3 
As at: May 2014

Transmits the following up-to-date values to devices with Bluetooth® SMART READY 
technology ** 
- ECG-accurate heart rate 
- RR intervals in milliseconds for determining 
  the heart rate variability
- Battery status
    Battery life of over 1.3 years*
    Battery compartment
    Waterproof to 3 ATM

COMFORTEX+ textile chest belt
    Ultra-light, comfortable, well-fitting textile chest belt
    Laminated electrodes for better skin contact thanks to greater moisture
    Washable on a hand wash cycle and in a wash bag at up to 30°C

* With a one-second transmission interval (default setting) and one hour of use per day.

**A ‘Bluetooth® SMART READY’ logo and/or an indication of an embedded Bluetooth® 4.0 module are required to communicate with Bluetooth® SMART devices. The operating system must also support Bluetooth® SMART READY technology. The latest Apple iOS and Android from version 4.3 systems support Bluetooth® 4.0 technology. The latest Windows Phone 8 versions do not. As the operating systems undergo continual development, all technical details are subject to change. To use all the information provided by the R1 BLUE, this has to be supported by the application (e.g. a sports app). As development is continually ongoing, all details are subject to change.A list of devices that currently support Bluetooth® SMART READY technology can be found on the following website: www.bluetooth.com (as at May 2014)


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