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K2 BackDrop 112

K2 BackDrop 112
Бренд: K2.
Код на производот: K2
Достапност: 1

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Секако дека дебелите скии се фантастични за низ длабок снег, но исто така се и потешки и може да биде мачно нивното влечење низ планината.
Овој модел е креиран земајќи ги овие работи во предвид! Тој ја има суперлесната конструкција на ВејБек серијата, но исто така и добра половина од 112мм со зголемена „рокер“ лопата напред! Така што, независно дали сакате да одите турно, да скијате во ски центарот или да скијате во „пудра“ - сето тоа може да се направи со БекДроп моделот како Ваш совршен партнер!

Повеќе инфо:


All-Terrain Rocker™ - Designed for all snow conditions, featuring an elevated tip for variable and soft snow performance and camber underfoot for power, energy, and edgehold in firmer conditions.
Powder Tip - Pulls the widest point of the tip further down the ski, which retains float in soft snow, and also minimizes deflection in adverse snow conditions.
Fir/Aspen/Maple Core - Solid and dense woods known for their inherent strength and durability. Maple adds durability and power.
Triaxial Braiding - Consists of braiding fiberglass around the wood core to provide torsional rigidity for added control, making the ski incredibly energetic and responsive.
Carbon Web - Pushes the balance between weight and strength gaining downhill performance without adding additional mass. Located in the tail and fore body of the ski, the Carbon Web increases edge grip when you need it most in the backcountry.
Cap Construction - A durable, lightweight, and softer construction.
Additional Features
SnoPhobic Topsheets - Shed snow off your skis to keep them light when skinning. Applying wax to these P-tex topsheets increases their snow shedding performance.
Tip/Tail Hardware - Vastly increases the skis’ utility: By allowing you to build a rescue sled or construct various ski anchors, you can carry less weight while increasing your safety margin. These holes also function as attachment points for K2 Pre-Cut Skins and come with a removable plug.
Skin Clip Arc - The tails are designed with a concave notch to ensure that the skin clip, regardless of size or skin brand, stays securely centered on the tail.
Binding Compatibility
We recommend a brake width that is equal to the ski waist width and at most 15 mm wider.


  • Terrain: All-Mountain, Alpine Touring, Powder
  • Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
  • Rocker Type: Rocker/Camber
  • Turning Radius: Long
  • Core/Laminates: Wood
  • Tail Type: Partial Twin Tip
  • Ski Awards: 2013 Backcountry Magazine Editors' Choice, 2013 Outside Magazine Gear of the Year, 2013 Ski Magazine Gold Medal Gear
  • Series: Backside Adventure
Size (cm) 167 174 181
Tip Width (mm)   142 142
Waist Width (mm)   112 112
Tail Width (mm)   131 131
Turning Radius (m)   23  

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