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K2 Sonic

K2 Sonic
Бренд: K2.
Код на производот: K2
Достапност: 2

Достапни опции

* Големина:

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Последно парче во големина XL (за чевли 44.5 и поголеми)!

Easy, comfortable and rock solid, the K2 Sonic snowboard binding is all of the above at a price point that leaves plenty leftover to fuel your best season ever. Now with an all-new Airframe highback for a boost in lightweight feel and style you can take into any shred terrain you come across.

Solid, long lasting function
The K2 R+D department has taken a step back and completely redesigned the inner workings of our ractchets. Focusing on long lasting smooth operation, the result of this two year design study and production ramp up are the ultra dependable ultra buttery feeling RADchets.

RADchet Bindings Technology

Pro-Fusion PC Bindings Technology
Pro-Fusion PC Bindings Technology

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