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Julbo Yoda

Julbo Yoda
Бренд: Julbo
Код на производот: Julbo
Достапност: 3
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Од овој модел на залиха има само големина: 55-57цм

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Yoda is the best friend of snow fans who want to take their first steps off the beaten track with all the right protection in place. A subtle blend of technical excellence and design, resulting in a versatile and contemporary helmet. Bold graphics or more understated colors to keep it discreet, everyone will find the perfect solution to make the leap!

Injection-molded shell: For greater robustness. Ultra-resistant ABS injection-molded shell (thickness: 2mm) which is both shockand scratch-resistant, lined with an inner EPS shell to absorb and distribute impact. Standard: EN1077 Weight: 500g to 600g Advantage: scratch and shock resistance.

+ half shell, adjustable fit, strap attachment, air flow (All our helmets are ventilated with strategically placed vents & specific mesh that evacuates perspiration), roll neck, removable ear pads..

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