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Gaerne Inka

Gaerne Inka
Бренд: Gaerne
Код на производот: Gaerne
Достапност: 1

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Од овој модел е останат уште само број 43 со црна крцкалка/тока, а не сребрена како на фотката!
По одлична цена - со 40% ПОПУСТ!
Италијанска традиција во велосипедизмот уште од 1962-рата година!

Повеќе инфо од производителот:
Fit: Designed in close collaboration with professional cyclists and technicians to guarantee top performance and optimal comfort.
Upper: “Air Ventilation System” One-piece front minimizes stitching to provide the most comfortable fit. Innovative laser perforations guaranty optimal ventilation and climate for the foot. Internal in-step mesh provides optimal stability and support.
Closure System: “2D Micro Adjustable Aluminium Buckle”. Provides a secure and personalized closure with optimal on-the-bike adjustability. One of the most technologically advanced systems on the market, the 2D buckle is micro-adjustable and finished in satin aluminium. The micro buckle features two independent levers working against the indented buckled strap for customized tension and release for each rider.
“A.I.C.S. Adjustable Instep Closure System” Adapts the shoe to all foot morphologies assuring constant support. This new closure system made from high-strength PU is positioned across the foot and comprised of two micro-adjustable ratchets to adjust instep tension while maintaining proper support and fit.
Perforated Tongue: “Comfort Fit Tongue”. The shoe’s tongue is perforated for better internal airflow and features a high-tech cushioning layer for increased comfort.
Heel Cup: All-new injection-moulded plastic anatomic heel-cup will not deform or weaken. Anti-tendonitis form with internal non-slip treatment for the best foot stability and control. Reflective inserts provide maximum visibility in low-light conditions.
Sole: “Gaerne MTB Sole Technology” .

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