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К2 Thrive

К2 Thrive
Бренд: K2.
Код на производот: K2
Достапност: 1

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The all-new K2 Thrive ski helmet offers the protection and durability of a Hard-Shell helmet in a progressive, low-profile design. The Thrive is the number one choice for riders looking for a reliable, stylish helmet that still brings a breadth of performance features and bike certified for when you are not on the hill.

  • Sizes: S, M, L/XL
  • Colors: black, white, blue, orange, grey, teal
  • Weight: 500g
  • Helmet Construction: Hardshell
  • Features: Passive Channel Venting, K2Dialed Fit System, washable Full-Wrap Liner System, tool-free removable goggle strap, Bike Certified CPSC (16 CFR 1203) EN1078

Hard shell: Hard-Shell helmets are built to last and will look good no matter how many trips they make in and out of your gear bag. Hard-Shell helmets protect you from impact thanks to a lightweight EPS foam bonded to an injection-molded and durable ABS shell

Passive channel venting: Channels on the inside surface of the EPS direct air-flow between your head and the helmet, removing moisture and excess heat; keeping you dry and comfortable all day long. Available on all K2 helmets.

K2 Dialed fit system: An ergonomically inspired three-point adjustable interface maximizes fit and customization. Sizing your helmet with the twist of a dial gives you the ultimate convenience of on-the-fly adjustability.

Full-wrap liner: This full-coverage, washable liner snugly cradles your head, creating the unmatched fit of a K2 helmet. The liner features a crown mesh that wicks moisture and breathes to prevent overheating. The Full-Wrap Liner System is seamlessly integrated with both our standard and 360 K2dialed™ Fit Systems and K2 Baseline Audio, creating the ultimate user experience. There are no gaps, which means a better fit and improved comfort.

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